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How are representatives elected ?

All reps have a job description and person specification. When a board requests a Voluntary Sector representative they are sent this information and asked to specify any additional skills or knowledge requirements as well as give an overview of the nature and purpose of the board and time commitment etc.

This information is then sent to all BCVS member organisations who are invited to nominate a member of staff of volunteer from within their own organisation to become the rep for that board. They complete a nomination form outlining their skills and experience and describe how they meet the person specification and board requirements. This information is sent to the wider sector as part of the election process.

If more than one person is nominated for the board, BCVS member organisations are invited to vote for their preferred candidate (one vote per organisation). If only one person is nominated and they meet all the requirements they are elected unopposed.

New representatives have an induction which includes a meeting with the Chair of the board or key contact. They also have the opportunity to take part in a training session delivered by an external trainer to cover issues such as conflicts of interest etc.