Bournemouth and Poole CVS
Supporting Voluntary and Community action in Bournemouth and Poole

What is Representation?

  • The Voluntary and Community Sector have a great deal to offer in terms of identifying local need, helping to design solutions to meet those needs, providing a channel of communication and means of consulting with the most vulnerable in society and delivering services.
  • National Government guidance to statutory agencies over recent years has emphasised the need to include the Voluntary and Community Sector in planning and policy making structures

Voluntary Sector Involvement or Voluntary Sector Representation?

On occasions due to a particular expertise, specific local knowledge or involvement on other groups, a statutory body may invite an individual from a Voluntary Sector organisation to sit on a particular board. This is Voluntary Sector involvement because they were not elected into post and do not feedback information to the wider sector. Voluntary Sector representatives on the other hand have a clear job description, are elected through a transparent election process and are in post for a fixed term of office. There are mechanisms for the two way flow of information between the reps and the wider sector and they are accountable to the sector through the Voluntary Sector Forum.