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Supporting Voluntary and Community action in Bournemouth and Poole

Introduction to Health and Wellbeing

Voluntary and community sector’s contribution to health and wellbeing.

In local surveys nearly all voluntary and community groups believe they make a positive contribution to the health and wellbeing of those who use their services.

Contributing to health is easy to identify if your work directly relates to a medical condition such as cancers, brain injuries, HIV, mental health, addictions, MS, etc. However your work may prevent people from becoming unwell by encouraging exercise or increasing confidence or self -esteem for example.

These activities start to fall into the concept of wellbeing. Wellbeing can be influenced by many things such as income, housing, education, social networks, personal health, etc. Most voluntary and community groups will be contributing to wellbeing which includes individuals feeling good and functioning well.

Your work may be contributing to wellbeing if you help people to:

1.    Connect with others, e.g. groupwork, social gatherings, befriending, reducing isolation

2.    Be active e.g. sport, play, exercise, walking, anything that will make people more active

3.    Take notice e.g. offering new and different experiences, helping people to think about how they are feeling

4.    Keep learning e.g. classes and groups learning new skills

5.    Give e.g. using volunteers, joining in, befriending, opportunities to donate 

In the past few years Bournemouth and Poole CVSs have been working to support frontline groups’ impact on health and wellbeing. They have done this through:

  • Researching local groups contribution (go to the Surveys page)
  • Running a number of conferences (go to the Networking Meetings page)
  • Highlighting good practice (see the Case Studies page)
  • Developing a toolkit (go to the Toolkit page)
  • Offering/facilitating training (for the latest information please e-mail Kevin Eaton)
  • Offering 1-2-1 advice and support (please contact Steve Place)