Bournemouth and Poole CVS
Supporting Voluntary and Community action in Bournemouth and Poole

How do representatives feedback to the wider sector?

After each meeting reps provide a brief summary of the main points covered and this is then sent out to a network of e contacts through BCVS. Any comments or queries are then collated and passed back to the rep to raise at their next meeting. Agendas are also sent out in advance so that the sector has the opportunity to proactively raise issues to be covered rather than only reacting to discussions that have already happened.

Reps also attend the relevant Voluntary Sector Forum to update the sector on latest developments and to enable further discussion.

In addition, if an issue is raised that requires further discussion, a small task and finish working group can be convened to discuss the issue in greater detail and make recommendations. The e networks can also be used for further consultation.