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Selling to Individuals (personalisation)

  • Selling to individuals rather than winning tenders for block contracts from Bournemouth Council or the local NHS is what lies ahead.
  • Selling to individuals will not only impact on adult social care services but also for some health and education services in the near future
  • Organisations will need to change the way they market themselves and their financial systems to deal with this.
  • As well as those who receive funding from the state you should also think about selling your services to self-funders (i.e. those using their own money to buy the support they need)

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Opportunities for you:

  • Need to market more to individuals (remember to make use of Source)
  • Designing individual services may give you the edge other others
  • Specialist services that no-one else is offering may give you an advantage
  • Once you market to individuals you could also market to those who don’t receive payments from the state for their support but are using their own, or their family’s, money
  • Those receiving statutory monies could top up services with their own money
  • Emphasise your charity/not for profit status (charities still have a higher level of trust with the public than statutory or private provision)

Dangers and issues to think about:

  • Demand is not guaranteed
  • More time will be spent on marketing to individuals than a statutory body
  • More costly to be paid by for instance 20 individuals than one payment from a statutory body for 20 clients
  • Procedures in place to deal with late payments and ‘payment holidays’
  • More immediate and individual feedback will be needed to keep ‘custom’
  • Consider how to deal with the ‘competition’

Help and support

Steve Place can help you consider if personalisation is a way ahead for you and help you make any changes in your working procedures. He has been trained in using a Health Check produced byBCVS’s national body NAVCA. This can be used on its own to identify your strengths and weaknesses but is likely to be more beneficial if facilitated by Steve, who can then also support you in making any identified changes.

For a range of resources on personalisation, including a rough guide and free e-learning resources, see SCIE's website.

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