Bournemouth and Poole CVS
Supporting Voluntary and Community action in Bournemouth and Poole

What we do



A registered charity and company limited by guarantee registered in England & Wales. We are non-profit making and are independent of both national and regional government.


We aim to strengthen Bournemouth's voluntary organisations by providing services to meet their needs. We bring together voluntary groups to develop a collective voice and influence policy makers. We promote and encourage volunteering. We support and develop voluntary groups and organisations, in order to promote equality and tackle social exclusion. We run some other projects such as the Voluntary Sector Youth Project.


We have a range of services and facilities available including:- Equipment Loan and photocopying,

organisation set up and helphelp with volunteeringtraining and events.  See the drop down menus on this website for details of all the services we provide.



Those wanting to set up a new organisation and existing voluntary and community groups.

We will work with an individual, or a group of people, who want to set up an organisation that a person in the street would clearly understood benefits the community or environment etc. We will help them decide if they want to go it alone, or set up a private business (perhaps with a strong ethical base) or become a voluntary or community group (including becoming a charity or CIC). Any of these options may involve social enterprise and we can help you decide if this way of working is suitable for you. We will work with existing organisations that are defined as being a voluntary or community group.

That is:
• Independent of government and constitutionally self-governing, usually with an unpaid voluntary management committee (or where at least over half are unpaid) 
• Value-driven - they exist for the good of the community, to promote social, environmental or cultural objectives in order to benefit society as a whole, or particular groups within it
• Not run for financial gain - they re-invest any surpluses to further the ‘good’ they create for the community and have an enforceable ‘asset lock’ to prevent private profit (e.g. charities and Community Interest Companies have this in law)



All voluntary groups in Bournemouth working with the community are welcome to join our current members. For further information on the benefits of being a member see membership.

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